Is this even normal? What is happening to my life

Friends are such an important part of my life and I have realised that so much recently. As you can probably see from my previous blog posts, I have talked about my friend not speaking to me as much because she has a boyfriend. I have realised now how much it actually affects me, it makes me angry and upset, I’ve even had a cry about it a few times. I feel like i have to keep swapping who I am friends with because they always find someone better.

All I really want to do is have someone there for me, someone who always keeps me on my feet and is there for me. Someone who i can have a laugh with and who looks out for me. Is that really so hard to ask for? I thought i found that friend and now we hardly speak, as she got with the guy I used to like.

It just gets to me at times, shit like this happens in reality and I just have to get over it, but at the moment i’m finding it rather difficult to do that.


So recently…

Not really been up to much to be honest,

Not been dancing in a while. Feel kinda slobby. Been talking to my ex boyfriend, thinking I’m still in love with him when I’m not. Revising for exams, working every weekend. Have no money.

Yeah not sounding so good I know.

I just want these exams over and done with, I cant wait for university. I want to get out meet new people, I want me and my ex boyfriend to be friends but its harder than it sounds. I can’t wait until my best friend is 18 then we can go out together! However I am having my room done at the moment, a wall has just been knocked down to make it bigger and I have just chosen my new wallpaper, black and white, its gorgeous!

20 days until my first exam and i havent even started revising :/

However 23 days until college ends, yippeeeeeeee


Okay, goodbye for now

have a great day peoples xxxxxxxx

Big update!

Basically my  ‘new’ boyfriend broke up with me :(  I don’t know why I just think he wasn’t feeling the whole relationship thing. I was so upset at first but it didnt last long so I am fine :-)
Now… I am still ‘iffy’ about how I feel about my best friend going out with the guy I liked (possibly still have feelings) I don’t know, it frustrates me

What to do?


whipped up

I am in the honeymoon phase of being in a relationship. You know the ‘oh you’re so cute’ phase and I love it! I am a happy girl at the moment. I can’t wait to see him, it will be Wednesday next time I see him, he is coming round to mine. I stayed at his house on Friday and met some of his mates, they all seem cool.


Happy Monday!

Exercise Routine for beginners!

so… whilst I was at dance class tonight I noticed that some of the younger children were getting worn out very quickly, they should be full of life! Injuries occur fast if the body is not properly warmed up and stretched. So I have devised a small step by step guide to warming up
Step 1
Sit on the floor, legs apart. Keep one leg out and bend the other one right in so your toes touch right at the top of your leg. Then stretch forward towards the leg that is straight out. You should feel slight tugging which is a good sign. Do the same for the other leg
Step 2
Put both legs out in front of each other, keep toes pointed towards the ceiling and bend forward as much as you can. This stretches the muscles out so they are prepared for exercise.
Step 3
Warm up arms (if needed) by doing simple stretches. Rotate ankles 360 degrees as these will take a lot of pressure from dancing.

They are just basic stretches (there are many more!)

Ta daaaa, your warmed up and ready to go (sort of!) This warm up is not intended for any intense exercise!

Any questions, just comment!

bye for now!
Jen x